Packaging and Storage procedures, treatments, layout, factors to consider, and techniques to guarantee that all system, tools, and also assistance products are preserved, packaged, took care of and transferred properly, consisting of ecological considerations, tools preservation for the brief and long storage, as well as portability. Some things call for unique environmentally managed, shock isolated containers for transportation to and also from fixing and storage centers via all settings of transportation (land, rail, air, as well as sea).

Secret Product Packaging, Handling, Storage space & Transport (PHS&T) IPS Aspect activities according to Appendix A of the DoD Product Assistance Manager (PSM) Guidebook and also the DoD Integrated Product Support (IPS) Aspect Manual consist of:

Short and long-term conservation
Packaging requirements decision
Containerization demands decision
Life span needs determination
Handling needs determination
Transport demands resolution
Environmental protection needs determination
Physical shock control needs determination
Fixed shock control needs decision
Protection classification demands decision
Container Reutilization
Circulation, Transport & Distribution Process Proprietor (DPO).
Transport Efficiencies.
Pure Pallet Effort.

While the product packaging of Hazardous Product is a subset of PHS&T, the nature of this feature is distinct and specialized with a range of factor to consider beyond standard tool system product PHS&T. Therefore, a dedicated, as well as different site for Packaging of Hazardous Products (in development), provides info peculiar to that subject.

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